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Rumeur Space Wolves

Message par Bjornulf le Lun 21 Juil - 10:26

voici les rumeur sur les louloup :

via an must remain anonymous source on Faeit 212
Your information on space wolves main units is a bit off.

Grey Hunters are not cheaper, they are still 15/model.

They come with Bolter, Bolt Pistol, grenades, ATSKNF, Counter Attack and Acute Senses.

They can have one model upgraded to a Wolf Guard, for +10 points, who gets +1Ld/attack and access to wargear. (Same as veteran sergeants, except that if not taken, there isn't a "character" in the unit the way normal sergeants are).

They can take 1 special weapon, or 2 at 10 man. They are limited only to special weapons and not heavy as per normal. They pay the same points as space marines now, not a discount and not a free one at 10.

They can also take plasma pistols at 1 per 5 in addition to special weapons.

They can swap their bolter for a chainsword at no cost, on a model-by-model basis, and it specifies that it must also be represented on the model.

Wolf banners are still in, but aren't as good and cost 15 points not 10.

Bloodclaws are 13 points per model, minimum 5 up to 20. Similar as above for upgrades. Unlike what's in stormclaw, if you upgrade a Bloodclaw to a Wolf Guard he gets +1 WS and BS (to take him to 4/4). They have rage now instead of their former +d3 attacks on the charge.

Wolf Guard terminators are now an entry, as are Wolf Guard non terminators, so no mixing and matching. No more pack leader separating of Wolf Guard to join other squads. Just upgrades in unit.

While I'm sure that a lot of people will be flipping over the loss of certain iconic character elements for space wolves, the new stuff in the book isn't just "Wolf This" "Wolf That" and they still remain sufficiently divergent from normal marines, with points costs that are now in line with them. Though I won't deny that they definitely were toned down in a lot of ways (that they weren't really overpowered in by any real means) they have been compensated for by gaining access to things like space marine AA tanks, a new flyer and some really nifty formations.

Logan Grimnar and Bjorn are Lords of War.

En gros pour ceux qui ont du mal avec l'anglais! Laughing

Les chasseur gris couteront 15 points, auront les même coût d'équipement que les SM lambda mais avec 2 arme spé, et n'auront plus l'arme de cac, bolter, pistolet bolter, pour 10 pts ils ont un Garde loup avec +1A et +1 en Cd. comme les SM. donc plus de termi pour faire office de sergent d'unités.
La bannière coûte 15 pts au lieu de 10 pts.
En gros il y a un gros nerf sur la super troupe du jeu, qui est devenu la moins retable.

Les griffes sanglante sont a 13 points, leur régle spé passe juste en rage (+2 A en charge), avant ils ne pouvait pas tiré sur une unités qui été a 6 ps d'eux, mais il devait les chargés, et gagné +1D3 A en charges. le sergent (garde loup) de l'unités gagne CC4 et CT4 pour 10 pts.

Les garde loup sont soit en full Termi, soit en full énergétique, plus de mixage entre les 2. ils les ont séparé dans le codex.

Et on gagnerai les tank AA du codex SM, d'ailleurs il me font rire en disant que ça remplace les nerf des unités!

Chose que je n'es pas mis aussi, les sagas que l'ont avait, seront en trait de seigneur de guerre et apparemment ont pourra les prendre gratuitement, sans lancé de dés! dommage je voyais déjà les sagas en plus des trait de seigneur de guerre du livre de regle! Laughing

Concernant le volant:
The Stormfang Gunship has the look of half of a Caestus Assault Ram, and is on the cover of next week's White Dwarf. The previous rumors really list out its abilities well. It comes with a Helfrost Destructor, two twin-linked heavy bolters, two stormstrike missiles and ceramite plating, with power of the machine spirit.

Heavy bolter upgrades to skyhammer missile launcher or two twin linked multi-meltas
stormstrike missiles can be upgraded to a twin linked lascannon.

Helfrost Destructor
Dispersed 24" S6 AP3 Hvy1, Helfrost, Large Blast
Focused 24" S8 AP1, Hvy1, Helfrost, Lance

Stormstrike Missile 72" S8 AP2 hvy1 Concussive one shot only

Stormwolf - Fast Attack - Points = Land Raider minus 35
BS4 - F12 S12 R12 HP3 - Vehicle (Flyer, Hover, Transport)

Twin-linked helfrost cannon
Twin-linked lascannon
Two twin-linked heavy bolters - May be replaced with a Skyhammer launcher for free, or two twin-linked multi-meltas for 20pts
Ceramite Plating

Special Rules:
Assault Vehicle
Power of the Machine Spirit

Transport Capacity - sixteen models
Fire Points - none
Access Points - One ramp at the front of the hull

Stormfang Gunship - Heavy Support - Points = Land Raider minus 30
BS4 - F12 S12 R12 HP3 - Vehicle (Flyer, Hover Transport)

Helfrost destructor
Two twin-linked heavy bolters - May be replaced with a Skyhammer launcher for free, or two twin-linked multi-meltas for 20 pts
Two Stormstrike missiles - May be replaced with a twin-linked lascannon for 15 pts
Ceramite Plating

Special Rules:
Power of the Machine Spirit

Transport Capacity - six models
Fire Points - none
Access Points - One at rear of the hull

Helfrost cannon
dispersed - R24" S6 AP3 Heavy 1, Helfrost, Blast
focussed - R24" S8 AP1 Heavy 1, Helfrost

Helfrost destructor
dispersed - R24" S6 AP3 Heavy 1, Helfrost, Large Blast
focussed - R24" S8 AP1 Heavy 1, Helfrost, Lance

Helfrost - If a model suffers one or more unsaved wounds from this weapon, it must pass a separate Strength test for each wound suffered or be removed from play
Là j'aime bien! Laughing Very Happy, ça va être notre nouvelle machoire Very Happy
Le volant en images :
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